Reference company in the mold production for plastic materials sector


Injection molds for plastic materials

CB Stampi has been operating for over 40 years in the sector of molds for plastic materials, aluminum alloys and die-casting of small, medium and large dimensions, even particularly complex ones. The experience gained allows us to guarantee you a precise and accurate service for each order, ranging from project analysis to mold design, prototyping and delivery of the finished product, always on schedule.

We are focus on the production of bi-material, multi-cavity, rotary, bi-injection, sandwich, die-casting / aluminum, and zamak molds.

Professionals in the molding sector for third parties

We like to think of our company not only as a reality that deals with the production of injection molds, but as a large family that invests with passion in the constant training of our staff.

We have numerous core businesses that see us engaged in our headquarters in the province of Vicenza for national and international realities. You can count on us as professional partners with extensive experience in the following sectors:

molds and molding for the cosmetics sector

molds and technical packaging molding

molds and molding for the food sector

molds and molding for the coffee sector

molds and molding for the pharmaceutical sector

molds and molding for furniture items

molds and molding for household appliances components

molds and molding for articles in the gardening sector

molding for third parties

routine maintenance of molds

testing injection molds and sampling

Why choose us

We look towards the innovation of our facilities, and we care about the environment. This is why we produce injection molds with a focus on:
  • The energy saving of our machinery;
  • The reduction of waste at every stage of processing;
  • Correct disposal and recovery of production waste.